The Australian Tertiary Outdoor Education Network (ATOEN) aims to provide greater national understanding on the impact and place of tertiary Outdoor Education. This includes increasing recognition of the knowledge and skills that university outdoor leadership/education students possess; while strengthening connections and building understanding between tertiary institutions, outdoor community organisations, industry partners, vocational providers and other outdoor education institutes.

To achieve these aims the ATOEN endeavours to:

  • Strengthen outdoor education at the tertiary level
  • Be the voice of Outdoor Education in the tertiary sector.
  • Increase visibility of Outdoor Education within tertiary institutions.
  • Represent the tertiary Outdoor Education/leadership sector at the Outdoor Council of Australia and Outdoor Education Australia level, including providing a tertiary perspectives at meetings, conferences and events.
  • Act as an advisory group to Outdoor Council of Australia.
  • Support Outdoor Education Australia.
  • Explore what employers need to have confidence in our students.
  • Educate stakeholders about what we do at universities and the level of student qualification.
  • Provide quality assurance on what our “Outdoor Education” trained students (teachers, leaders, and practitioners) will be able to do.
  • Define key terms for national use.
  • Share best practice.
  • Set benchmarks for field days and placement.
  • Create stronger research pathways, collaborations and outcomes.
  • Collaborate and build relationships between universities.
  • Share ideas, resources, content, student experiences and, among others, field trips.